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Entry #2

First Speed Paint!

2014-05-05 22:14:09 by RussFairchild

     Hey, just wanted to share the speed paint i did for my Tundra Tryant Skin. Enjoy!

Speed paint:

Tundra Tyrant Skin:

Thank you all =D


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2015-09-13 09:33:55

So if I understand correctly what you do is draw a badass linework at first. Then you colour different areas without shading or light and then you start shading and playing with other colours and shades. Right?! What brushes do you use? Just asking because I love your work and your style!

RussFairchild responds:

Yup pretty much! lol I've always been more confident with my line work, but as I've gotten better, I've learned how to paint in and around them, using them as guidelines and not set in stone. As far as brushes i used all default brushes on this one, airbrush, chalk brush, and hard line brush i believe. Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope this helped! =D